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Report 9/2012

Summer Projects

Summers are always hectic. Since teenagers are out of school we dedicate much of our summer to them. I’ve participated in three "camps" this year. All three are individual projects and not supported by churches. The first, our New Jersey Camp, was a more traditional camp. Though we have Bible studies and presentations in the mornings and evenings, afternoons are for traditional camp activities. We had 203 campers and counselors this year. Seven (if I counted correctly) were baptized, although we try to downplay baptisms. We talked one young man into waiting. In late July I went to Scott Richardson and Leon Mauldin’s leadership camp near Russellville, Alabama and in late August to Joe Work’s SOL (Son’s of Light) camp about 25 miles south of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The latter two camps are dedicated almost exclusively to Bible teaching with only a short recreation period in the afternoon. There were seven baptisms at Joe’s camp. The lifelong friendships that the young establish with godly counselors and with each other at these weeklong sessions, bolsters them in the battle against the ungodliness that is so prevalent in our culture.

Update on letter from Cuba

In my last report, I mentioned a letter from a brother in Cuba detailing the excesses of the institutional "Church of Christ" organization in the country. We put an article in the last issue of our paper, "Creced," lamenting those excesses (without mentioning the country) and challenging all who truly believe in going back to the Bible to rebel against the system. The brother now writes me, "The article has had an explosive repercussion in Cuba, because even though it doesn’t name names, all have recognized that it applies. It has opened the eyes of many congregations to the error of following this form of government that is so far from the Bible pattern."

In some ways I would like to go to Cuba, but perhaps it is best that Americans cannot get into the country. The money we often take in abundance often corrupts. We are thankful that teaching is getting into the communist country through the mail.

Miscellaneous Notes

* Luis, a 25-year-old Peruvian, pictured in the blue shirt with left to right, Nelly, Beverly and Beto (red shirt), was baptized last Thursday at Fair Lawn. He is a neighbor of Nelly Alarcón and has been studying with us for several months. He has been attending a Pentecostal church. Many Pentecostals have a difficult time adjusting to our orderly services, but Luis, who is very analytical in his approach to the Bible, loves them. I noticed that he was practically on the edge of his seat with excitement during Bible classes taught by good teaches such as Roger Polanco and Doug Focht.

* Bryan Nuñez, from Sherman Avenue was baptized at Joe Works SOL camp. Bryan has been well taught by Tim Bunting and Roger Polanco. Caleb Churchill has also moved to the city. He has contagious enthusiasm and has already given us a big boost!