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3/4/02 Report on Work in the
New York City area
Gardner Hall, P.O. Box 123, Port Murray, NJ 07865-0123,
Tel. (908) 850-5389


Summer, our busiest time of the year, is now officially over and Beverly and I can breathe a little easier. I attended three camps during the summer that gave me opportunities to teach and spend time with young Christians and those we hope will become Christians. The fact that young people are out of school during the summer gives us special opportunities to work with them. Of course these camps are not church projects, but rather sponsored by various individuals who are supported by a number of helpers and contributors.

Our first camp was the New Jersey Camp with 210 in attendance (pictured above). It is the largest of the three because it is co-ed and also have a fairly large number of financial sponsors, for whom we're extremely grateful. This allows us to recruit large numbers of children and teens that we know from inner city areas of New York, Paterson and Newark, regardless of their ability to pay or their experience with Bible study. The experiences that many of these young people have had with godly young counselors, prayer and Bible study has changed many lives. There are too many to thank individually for their help with this project, but all thanks goes to God who through His word has motivated so many to great sacrifices of time and money.

My second camp was the Young Men's Leadership Camp in Alabama in late July, sponsored by Scott Richardson and Leon Mauldin. (Campers picture below) I love this camp because it helps me return to my Alabama roots and spend time not only with some excellent Bible teachers, (pictured on the left), but also with impressive young men. The day is almost completely filled with Bible classes with only short breaks. I taught classes on how to best present short Bible messages, using simple communication methods that come mostly from the Bible. I love to see young men gain confidence in their ability to present Biblical truths.

The third and final camp is Joe Work's SOL (Sons of Light) camp in Eastern Pennsylvania (Camp picture below). It, like the camp in Alabama, has Bible classes during most of the day, with an excellent group of teachers. {Pictured to the right is Elijah Stephens in Jeff Smelser's class on Ezekiel.) I taught a series on lessons that God wants us to learn from history.
The three congregations I try to help: Sherman Avenue in Upper Manhattan, the bilingual West Harlem church and Fair Lawn, New Jersey congregation are doing well. I'm teaching 1st Timothy at Sherman Avenue this month, Ezra and Nehemiah at the Bilingual church and I've just finished a series on effectively leading in worship at Fair Lawn on Saturday nights. Recent sermon topics that I can remember from the past month include "Scars," "The Greeks that wanted to see Jesus," "How Jesus looks at me," "Seeing as God sees."


Larger articles in our paper Creced last month were on evolution, the apostleship of Paul, 120 or 12 baptized in the Spirit on Pentecost?, Reasons why Christian parents lose their children, a review of a rather sarcastic piece by a brother explaining why he was leaving what he thinks is "the Church of Christ" and a short notice about persecution some brethren are suffering in Cuba at the hands of the "national Church of Christ."
I hear constantly from brethren in Cuba. Some are going through difficult trials. Pray for them. Others from Latin American countries keep me on my toes with various questions, usually tough ones.

Alabama Young Men's'Leadership Camp
Joe Work's SOL Camp, near Canadensis, Pennsylvania