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10/29/03 Report on Work in the New York City area
Gardner Hall, P.O. Box 123, Port Murray, NJ 07865-0123,

Good news –
More new Christians

Two more have been baptized into Christ in the Spanish congregation in Fair Lawn. Esperanza (in bright red outfit in picture immediately below) was baptized after having been a frequent visitor for several years. She was first invited to services by Toribio Quiñones who knew her in the Dominican Republic.

Jessica (picture bottom left picture in brown sweater), to the left) was taught by Alejandro Sanchez and German Ortiz and is now attending faithfully. Jessica was a member of the choir at the traditional Roman cathedral in Paterson, but now has requested that Alejandro and German give her Bible studies twice a week. It is especially satisfying to see souls brought to the Lord by others who have been trained precisely to do that work.

Bad news – Building appears to be lost
The owners of the library building in Paterson that we have been attempting to buy have lost their patience with the bureaucratic delays and have pulled out of their agreement with us. So we are back where we started, several thousand dollars poorer, but perhaps a bit wiser. Though we have saved a good amount of money, thanks to the English speaking brethren in Fair Lawn, even that appears insufficient for an acceptable building in Northern New Jersey where real estate values are so inflated. I’m going to encourage the brethren to use some of the money they’ve saved to see if they can rent a nice auditorium or theatre.

Upper Manhattan
The congregation in Upper Manhattan has been through some ups and downs during the past two months, but I believe that overall there is an increasing maturity and willingness to discuss calmly some of the issues that are brought in from different countries. Several young men have asked me to give them a training class on Tuesday nights and we began those last night

Translation Projects, Trips
I have more time in the fall for special projects and trips. I’ve been able to translate an open letter from Dennis Allan to members of the International Church of Christ into Spanish. He has it posted in three languages at Dennis has done a wonderful work in Brazil, and I jumped at the chance to help him out a bit on one of his projects. A much more extensive project has been the translation of Gary Fisher’s Bible Correspondence Course on the book of Mark. The course is excellent in helping students learn to mine the scriptures for practical applications. It is currently with a proofreader.

I would like to divide my webpage, into three separate sites: One in English, One in Spanish designed particularly for brethren, and one in Spanish designed for the lost. I’m not sure if I’m going to have enough time to get that done. I feel less pressure to get the one done for the lost, since Jerry Falk in Spain now has an excellent one going, Recommend that site for any Spanish speaking friends you have who are looking for truth. Most current sites are designed for brethren.

I had an enjoyable meeting with the Spanish speaking brethren in Pasadena, Texas. I especially enjoyed being with Terry and Lucy Partain and their sweet kids (picture above right). Terry is very careful with the scriptures but there’s no trace of traditionalism or a party spirit in him. How we need more like him in the Spanish language work! The Partain family has been a great blessing to me through the years, especially Wayne, Terry, Don and their families.

We are greatly blessed to be supported in so many ways by good brethren. Thanks,