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Report for November 3/2010

Another Fire Next Door to Building in Upper Manhattan

There was another fire in the abandoned buildings next to meeting place of the Upper Manhattan congregation. Though our building was not touched, firemen broke several doors to gain access to fight the fires and left debris everywhere. Then they cut off the electricity and gas service to the building and are requiring a certificate from engineers to turn it back on. The owners of the building next door have promised to help us obtain the proper certificates to turn on the gas and electricity. Perhaps the problem will be resolved soon. We’ve bought a small gasoline generator that gives us enough power for lights, but not heat. The church has spent all its money on previous repairs to the roof and porch area.

The cold weather has made it impossible to have Bible studies outside. The little children now have their study in the van that’s double parked! (Picture above) Thankfully, Tim Bunting and Roger Polanco have been a big help in this crisis, making a number of calls and working on various logistical problems. In the past, Victor Grado and I have had to do this type of work and both Victor and I have been very busy this fall.
We need to find another place to meet soon. The good thing is that the Pentecostal church next door wants our property, but it has been difficult to find a another place. Either the potential replacement is too far away or too small. We ask for prayers in this process.


There have been two baptisms during our recent reporting period. Alex Knowles was brought to services by Ruben Mejía and seems sincere. However, since his baptism he has not attended faithfully, though he has promised a home Bible study with me.
Angel Milan, from Upper Manhattan is the brother of Teresa Lora and has attended services for over a year. He was immersed into Christ in the Fair Lawn.

Busy Fall

Fall is usually a time to wind down after a hectic summer, but the last two autumns have been busy. During the last two months there have been meetings in Bowling Green, KY (Eastside), Marietta, PA, Kingsport, TN (Pictured below) and Blanchester, OH (pictured to the left). The meeting in Kingsport was especially enjoyable because I was able to work with my dad in a special series on singing.

Home studies

We have several new home studies. Ofelia Kohrs lives in Germany and has been a member of a small charismatic group there. However, when reading the scriptures, she came to see that her group does not practice what the scriptures teach. She has returned to Germany. I’ve contacted Glenn Jones to see if he can encourage her, but she is isolated. In the picture on the right from left to right: Beto Guerrero Sr. . Doña Doma (Violet and Ofelia's mother), Violet, Nelly Alarcón, Ofelia, Ofelia and Violet's nephew.


After the meeting in Bowling Green, we enjoyed attending my parents’ sixtieth anniversary celebration at the Hovaters near Atlanta. Later they pulled out old memorabilia for the kids and grandkids. (See their Nigerian outfits from the 1960's in the picture below left.)

Beverly’s parents have come to live with us. Her father, who is 87, has Parkinson’s and memory loss and her mother has had an increasingly difficult time taking care of him. We enjoy having them here.