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Congregation at Upper Manhattan Agrees to Sell Its Building

The congregation at Upper Manhattan has made an agreement to sell their church building (pictured to the right) to an investor for a price that will allow the church to buy a better building in the Bronx. Though we would prefer to stay in Manhattan, where transportation from other parts of the city is somewhat easier, we believe we can obtain a much better property a mile or two across the Harlem River in the Bronx. We simply didn’t have the resources to make the needed additions and repairs to our old building and were offered a price that we could not refuse.

Victor Grado has been looking at properties in the Bronx. He has only found one so far that might be useful to us (pictured on the right). It is in University Avenue in the Bronx, a fantastic location with parking in the midst of a heavily Hispanic area. The main problem is that the room we would use as a gathering for the whole church is not much bigger than what we have now. Additions, however, would be easier with the new property.

A contractor has completed repairs that were necessary to avoid having the building closed down by the city. Thanks to several generous brethren, we have been able to make a good start in paying him for his services.


* Cindy and Johnny are in their 30’s. Cindy was baptized as a teenager but fell away. However, since her sister, Kelly, has been in a coma for over a year with encephalitis, she has begun attending again. Johnny, who is very intelligent, says that he doesn’t believe in God, but has listened attentively to our Bible readings.

* Jacobo and Veronica from Mexico, work with German Ortiz. We have read through Luke and are now in Acts.

* Gisela – We are still in the book of Acts with Gisela.

* Máximo– Máximo has sat in occasionally on studies with his wife, Silvia, who is now a faithful Christian. Now that she is unable to be present on Tuesdays, he seems more willing to participate in the study that Tim Bunting and I conduct with his son, Anthony.

* Maria from Peru, was introduced to us by her friend, Violet Pacheco. She has had a very difficult life as a young widow with three teenage children and now has suffered a stroke. I am impressed with her inner strength.

* Rayma and Indiana are two sisters from the Dominican Republic who live in Passaic. Both love to participate in our Bible study on Saturday evenings.

Special series for young people on 2 Peter 3

The picture below-left was taken at a special daylong Bible study at Fair Lawn. Joe Works taught the book of 2 Peter and by the time the four sessions were over, the kids had a very good idea of what the book was all about! Joe Works is now working full time at the English-speaking congregation at Fair Lawn. He and his impressive family have already been a great blessing to others in this area. We miss my parents! But Joe, Beth and the kids have made us feel better about their departure.


My biggest annual project for the kids, the summer camp, is coming up. Last year a number of campers came without being fully sponsored. However, we were still able to make ends meet. This year I fear that the economic problems may make things tougher for us. If you could help with any amount or know anyone that could, please contact me. There’s more info. on the camp web site, For specific information about "adopting" campers, click the index where it says, "Can you adopt a camper?

Thanks for prayers and support!

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