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New Christian

Luis, pictured above on the right, obeyed the gospel on June 15. He has been visiting different religious groups and been dissatisfied with some of their practices that conflict with Bible teaching. He is a friend of a faithful Christian, Francisco Perez, who is studying the Bible daily with him in Brooklyn. (Francisco is in the center of the picture, putting his arm around Luis.) Luis is attending services with his wife and two small children. Pray for them.

Street Work

I’ve had a reduced number of home studies in the past few months, especially on Saturdays in New Jersey. This has given me time to revive some street work that we’ve done periodically through the years. I’ve printed up some cheap flyers with English on one side and Spanish on the other and distribute them in crowded areas.

Though street work doesn’t seem as fruitful as studying with friends and acquaintances of members, it does give you the satisfaction of putting a brief summary of the gospel in the hands of thousands of people. The sights and sounds of the crowded streets in Paterson, Passaic, Upper Manhattan and other areas populated primarily by recently arrived immigrants takes you back to Latin America. If you close your eyes, all the sounds (honking horns, shouts in Spanish) and smells (cooking food from street vendors) will make you think you are south of the border. (Picture below)


Caleb Churchill and Emily Ferenzce arrived last week and have already been helping with visits and studies. Roger Polanco and Daniel Broadwell plan to arrive next week. The arrival of enthusiastic and well-grounded young Christians to the New York City area gives us a boost every summer. I hope I can find some good projects for them. With 15,000,000 people who need the gospel in the metropolitan area we ought to be able to keep them busy. The main problems are logistical, especially finding places for them to stay. Roger, who is originally from the Bronx, is planning to stay permanently and finish his college work in New York City. Emily also wants to study here in New Jersey and go into the city with me every Tuesday and Saturday. The growing group of zealous young Christians is the high point in the work here.


This report is a little early because camp starts this next weekend. This is my biggest personal project of the year. (Churches aren’t involved since camps aren’t the work of the church.) It looks like we’ll have around 200 people attending! The little camp we rent will be busting at the seams. Over eighty kids will need some help to attend and we can still use some more sponsors. Please pray that the extended time that the children and teens spend with godly counselors will give them a spiritual boost.

Lost support

A good church in Florida that has supported me for a number of years must cut their $500 monthly support due to the fact that several members have moved away. If you know of a good congregation that would like to help replace what has been lost, please let me know. Expenses are high in the Northeast, but this is an area where much work is needed.


I hope to drive several young men down to my father’s "leadership camp" in Alabama in late July. The camp offers young men five days of intensive periods of Bible study from excellent teachers

I had a very enjoyable meeting with the Jordan, Ontario church in May. The congregation has been a good influence in Southern Ontario for over a century.

Streets of Paterson, NJ - Bus stop near the corner of Main and Market