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Report on Work in the NYC AREA
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Anibal, from El Salvador, was taught primarily by Antonio Velasquez, a member from Fair Lawn who has been able to bring almost a dozen friends to the Lord. A little over half of them have stayed faithful and are growing. Anibal has made a good start, attending all of our services and arranging a weekly study for us in his home with several of his Salvadoron friends. His picture is to the right.

We have a growing number of good, Salvadoran Christians in the congregation in Fair Lawn. They are serious about their faith and mix well with the others.

One new Salvadoran family is the Ruben Mejía family (left). They have moved her in the last few months, and though they live in Elizabeth, they are faithful to make the drive up to Fair Lawn. Ruben and his wife, Ana Gladys, have two older sons who have been in the country for several years who have joined the "Jehovah's Witnesses." Though they may be too indoctrinated in that error to be rescued, the other members of the family (they have three other children) want to deepen their understanding of God's word, and I've had several home studies with them. The two youngest children, Edar and Ana, are planning to go to our camp this year.

We are considering buying a store building in the city of Passaic to use as a meeting place and will probably make a decision on it during the next few days. It is plenty large and the price is right (we could probably get it for under $100,000), but would require of a lot of paperwork and construction for approval as a "place of worship." I sense that some are very anxious to buy the place and others don't think we should. Perhaps we will work out a compromise where we make a low-ball offer. We are very thankful to the English speaking brethren for being able to meet in their building, but eventually want to have our own place in an Hispanic neighborhood. Several years of savings along with a generous gift from an individual may make that possible within a year or so.

Upper Manhattan continues to have its challenges. It is often difficult for individuals to determine how to balance patience with strictness. Such questions also affect congregations. Some at Upper Manhattan feel that we should take a "hard line" on those who lack of growth in some areas, while others demand patience. I seem to often find myself in the middle of the two groups and try to help them understand the others' point of view. While the brethren wisely try to keep these conflicts "behind the scenes" I feel they affect our saltiness and growth. Pray that we might have wisdom in dealing with these challenges.

I'm right in the middle of preparations for our young people's camp. It looks like we'll have about 60-70 campers plus staff members. These efforts have given our young people a big boost the last two years and hope it will this year as well. We're having more inner city kids this year (looks like about 38 at least) and therefore can still use 10 or so more people who can "adopt" campers. There are even more counselors who could use adopting, so let us know if you know of any who might be in a position to help.
We had a very enjoyable weekend Bible Study session for single Christians in early May and will probably try it again next year. A picture of those attending is below.
Looking foward to a meeting at Westwood in Birmingham, Alabama the week of August 5. This is the congregation that first supported us when we went into the Spanish work in Argentina.
Don Partain writes of a rather widespread persecution of brethren in China. Pray for them.
The family is well. Thanks for your support and prayers. Gardner